Hey there. My name is Tony John Falk. What's yours? Let's be friends.

Currently, I am residing in West Hollywood, but will always be a Minnesotan at heart. Running the influencer relations for dpHUE by day and hitting up the social scene by night. If you have somehow stumbled upon this page you will find I love talking beauty, but more specifically Men's Beauty. I launched groomed, a Men's Beauty Blog at the tail end of 2017 (2017 New Year's Resolution...check!). It's a space that I share all my personal opinions on everything beauty. From hair products, skin care, makeup, you name it. When I am not obsessing over beauty products I have three main addictions: running, snowmobiling and skinny vanilla lattes.

Email me with any collab ideas (or a one-liner) at hello@tonyjohnfalk.com